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About us

Our goal is to help you find the best Merle Norman skin care and cosmetics products for your skin and lifestyle.  Come in for a free facial and foundation check today.
You'll appreciate the difference it makes when you have an experienced professional consultant to guide your decisions and your satisfaction with Merle Norman products is guaranteed.
Cheryl Grabow, certified Merle Norman Beauty Advisor and studio owner, " We've set up an inviting studio to make your cosmetics experiences relaxing and fun.  You'll enjoy the luxury of receiving personal attention and the benefit of our combined expertise of more than 32 years in the cosmetics industry. 
Sandy Chapman , Senior Beauty Advisor, certified by Merle Norman for her knowledge and skill as a Professional Makeup Artist for more than 11 years, "“I love performing first time makeovers as much as wedding makeovers. I like to find out what’s important to my customers so we can spend our makeover time sharing the kind of information that’s really going to give them answers to their cosmetics questions.
April Grabow, with 16 years retail experience, offers expert customer service, "I've been wearing Merle Norman makeup and skincare for a little over a year now, so when Cheryl asked me to come work at the studio I said YES!!!!  It's a pleasure to work in such a great environment, and it brings me such joy to know when I have a "Merle Girl" walk out of the studio with her makeup or skincare that I've helped her feel confident with her products and I've made a new friend!
Monday - Friday
9:30am - 5:30pm
9:00am - 3:00pm
Closed Sundays


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