Window Dressing

Check out our East Side Window for the Latest Arrivals!

We've  been working behind the scenes getting new Spring clothes out and ready for you Merle Girls! We received two nice collections of comfort, and style that we think you'll agree is a great new look to start off 2021.

A few things to know:  we usually buy only 3 to 4 pieces of any style ensuring that when you buy a garment from us, it's going to be special and you won't see it everywhere you go!  You'll find both Missy and Women's sizes in tops and bottoms, but not usually the same styles.  If you see something new and it isn't in your size, ask.  We'll try to get it for you.

Our clothes are washable and we try to buy them made in America when we can.  Quality and price are important to all of us.  To get the most out of your shopping experience at Merle Norman, please ask for our help, especially when you're shopping for something specific and we'll try hard to help you put together exactly the outfit you need for any occasion.