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Window Dressing

Checkout the West side window for new arrivals.

Your Fall wardrobe is so pretty!  Rich colors and textures with great details including jeans and jackets.  

Multiples favorites, Ethyl, Zenim and Euro, Ciello.   Suede, velvets, knitted sweaters, and denim...animal prints and mixed prints we love!

New Collegiate jewelry from Canvas with UT Texas, A & M and Jville Fighting Indians in mind...Burnt Orange, Maroon and Royal Blue accents.

Classic Chinoiserie handpainted jewelry in pink/white and gold.  

New leather bags from MC Handbags.   Fine quality leathers,  linings and finishes.  

August 2022 MC Leather Handbags.jpg
Brown Leather MC Handbags August 2022_edited.jpg
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