Professional Ear Piercing

       Baby ears are our specialty!

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Kodee Landrum E June 2020
Teresa Milena Lara c July 2020
Maylin Garza B July 2020
Kennedi McCutcheon b
McKenzee Milsap  a August 2020
maybree Lucien a August 2020
Harper Bryant August 2020
Brielee Carroll August 2020
Avery Bacon a August 2020
Aria Clater June 2020
Allison Duren Feb 2020 a
Riverlyn Diers Feb 2020 a
Birdie Atkinson 3 June 2020
Marlee Grace Reamy Feb 2020
Harper Sanders Age 4 months B May2020
Kennedy Pennison May 2020
Janell Bishop May 2020
Virginia Peacock May 2020
Zakiyah Freeney Jan 2020
Jamii McGowan Jan 2020
Eiryan Eide Dec 2019
Kaleigh Eide Dec 2019
Bella December 2019
Baylee Dec 2019
Baby Uribe b Nov2019
Baby Allie Gentry Jan 2020
Annagail Selden, Oct. 2019
Bailey and Dustin Harlow Feb 1 2019
Reese Brashear, Nov. 2018
Aubree Warren, Oct 2018
Addison McCown, August 2018
Helen Cornelius, July 2018
Tallulah Lankford, July 2018
Spencer Grabow, June 2018
Maddie Galvan, March 2018
Maybre Bowden, Feb 2018
Avery Halbert, Feb 2018
Khloe Rosier, Feb. 2018
Emma Rosier, Feb. 2018
Remi Rosier, Feb. 2018
Haylen Work, Feb. 2018
Ansley Hudnall, Dec. 2017
Olivia Chivers, Jan. 2018
Abby Southerland
Madison Rocha
Elena - January 2017
Braylee Payne Sept 2016
Jentry Halbert's newly pierced ears Feb 2015
Aubrey Duren Feb 2016
Avery Duren Feb. 2018
Annalee Reamy May 2015
Preslee Hall March 2016
Alaina Blake Brooke's daughter March 2016
Laney McCown March 2016
Paislee Garner Nov 2015
Mia McCuin B March 2016
Malayla Travis August 2014
Parker Price May 2015
          We are once again able to perform ear piercings!  As of May 25th, 2020, we have been able to pierce ears.  We have had to change our "no appointment needed policy" and ask that you please call for an appointment, due to COVID restrictions which have reduced the number of customers we can have in the studio at one time.
     No charge for piercing, only for the earrings you select.
We use Inverness Safe Pierce earrings for safety and sterility.   These earrings are virtually nickel free and come in a variety of styles using 14k yellow and white gold, medical grade stainless and titanium metals.   Please call 903-586-2776 and confirm the time you wish to be seen, especially if you're driving in from outside of Jacksonville!
Parental Consent forms are provided and required.  
Most ear piercing appointments are completed within 15 minutes.  

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