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Professional Ear Piercing

       Baby ears are our specialty!

                        Use your cursor to stop or slow picture gallery .

Julianna Guillen April 2024 L
Caroline Herbert  April24
Emma Herbert April 2024
Claire Herbert  April 24
Loretta Ledesma March 2024
Lola Santos March 2024
Maddie Santos March 2024
Ryleigh Peterson August 23 R
Reese Henry July 23 L
Micah Phillips August 3 2023
Emmalee Garcia August 2023 R
Elizabeth Williams August 2023 L
Easton Arrington August 23 L
Conleigh Curry August 2023 L
Callyn LeMay May L 2023
Avery Leinback July 2023 R
Athena Luna July 2023 L
Armon Woods June 2023 L
Autry Mock  April 2023
Lake Farmer April 2023
Jazzy Green-McClelland March 23
Rose Lara March 23
Lailah Logan March 2023
Violet Shilling March 2023
Rowan Alford March 2023
Maddie Penn
Haisley Thrash Feb 2023
Stevie Channel Feb 2023
Lynlee Hall Feb 2023
Lilly Smith L Feb 2023
Gisselle Garcia L Feb 2023
Laramie Hassell Feb 2023
Elianey Servin R Feb 2023
Amelia Rose Lewis Jan 2023
Bexley Brown Jan 2023
Whitney Griffin Jan 2023
Nadiya Lazcano Jan 2023
Karlee Lawson Jan 2023
Ryleigh Baker Jan 2023
Charlee Kate Mabry Jan 23
Lilliana Martinez Jan 23
Julia Rogers Jan 2023
Abigail Alvarez, Nov 2022
Lacey Martin Dec 2022
Ava Gray Dec 22
Hallie Dover Dec 2022
Norah Woodson Dec 22
Avery Reuter Dec 22
Kiley Cartier Dec 2022
Andie Snider Nov 22
Lauren Davis Dec 2022
Emma Cleaver Dec 22
Emberly McAninch C Dec 2022
Karlee Stevens Dec 2022
Michaela Lloyd Dec 2022
Callie Chamberlain Dec 2022
Jennifer Johnson Nov 2022
Shiloh Emanis Nov 2022 L
Amelia James Oct 2022
Laiklyn Hart Oct 2022
Kamryn Bradley Oct 2022
Eliana Ebanez-Mejia October 2022
Demi Sadler, October 2022
Klara Kittrell August 2022
Autumn Kearney August 2022
Peyton Webb Sept 2022
Audry Bowles Sept 2022
Remi Holman August 2022
Emerie Curtis April 22
Bonnie Bowles Lindsey April 22
Korie Kittrelll April 2022
Karsyn Martin April 2022
Maiyanni Hartsfield April 2022
Jaylee Simmons b April 2022
Hollyn Mason April  2022
Paityn Batton August 2021
Alianna Fernandez
Annie Ford
Kaysley Pendleton age 2 April 2022
Zach Zimmerhanzel August 2021
Mireya Martinez Juy 2021
Eloisa Resendiz July 2021
Joziany Servin July 2021
Ella Morton July 2021
Madelene Baldwin  b July 2021
Xavier Kendrick July 2021
Camryn Crews July 2021
Kinslie Morris June 2021
Maleny Estrada June 2021
Isabella Tovar June 2021
Everly Chastain solo b June 2021 (2)
Kennedy Guidry a June 2021
Peyton Guidrya June 2021
Spencer Grabow, June 2018
Emori Vercher a
Emma Foreman
Elena Clements May 2021
Lola Santos May 2021
Maddie Santos May 2021
Elliette Hamman 1
Zakyree Carter1
Ellie Joseph April 2021
Eiileen Arredondo April 2021a
kylie Morgan April 2021b
Avery Rodriguez April 2021
Lylah Hale April 2021
LaAdriyah Roland Feb 2021
Allison Tello  a Jan 2021
Liberty Dobrovolnyb Jan 2021
Maryanna Moreira b
Taylor Norwood Nov 2020
Bethany Priestly Oct 2020
Lily Driggers Oct 2020
Emma Barcenas Sept 2020
Chesney McCullough Sept 2020
Brielee Carroll August 2020
Avery Bacon August 2020
Aria Clater June 2020
Allison Duren Feb 2020
Riverlyn Diers Feb 2020
Birdie Atkinson June 2020
Marlee Grace Reamy Feb 2020
Zakiyah Freeney Jan 2020
Bella December 2019
Baylee Dec 2019
Baby Allie Gentry Jan 2020
Annagail Selden, Oct. 2019
Maddie Galvan, March 2018
Avery Halbert, Feb 2018
Remi Rosier, Feb. 2018
Abby Southerland
Madison Rocha
Braylee Payne Sept 2016
Jentry Halbert's newly pierced ears Feb 2015
Aubrey Duren Feb 2016
     No charge for piercing, only for the earrings you select.
We use Inverness Safe Pierce earrings for safety and sterility.   These earrings are virtually nickel free and come in a variety of styles using 14k yellow and white gold, medical grade stainless and titanium metals.   Please call 903-586-2776 and confirm the time you wish to be seen, especially if you're driving in from outside of Jacksonville!
Parental Consent forms are provided and required.  
Most ear piercing appointments are completed within 15 minutes.  
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